Inner Soul: The Sculptural Works of Lawrence J Nowlan at Ava Gallery & Art Center, Lebanon NH 


November 11 – Winter 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, November 11, 5–7pm

An exhibition of artwork by Lawrence J. Nowlan, Jr (1965-2013) will be on display in AVA’s Stone Carving Studio and Johnson Sisters Library from November 11 through winter 2017.

Nowlan was an artist-in-residence at Saint-Gauden’s National Historic Site for five summers where he studied portrait sculpture and bas-relief. The late American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of Nowlan’s biggest influences. There he met his future wife, Heather Wiley, an intern with the Student Conservation Association. They married in 2003. In 1997, Nowlan founded his own art studio on the second floor of a former Unitarian Church on Main Street in Windsor, VT where he created most of his best known works.

Nowlan was a sculptor and figurative artist known for his statues of notable individuals and memorials. In a world accustomed to abstract expression, his figurative art was unexpected. Nowlan’s study of sculpture and commitment to his art career didn't commence until he was in his 30’s. His tragic and sudden passing cut short a career that he was passionate about. Dedicated to his craft and not afraid to take chances, he was a mentor for many. Nowlan’s artistic talents flowed through him and he would often say “I'm just the messenger".

Just a couple of weeks prior to his sudden death, Nowlan stopped by AVA to express his support and excitement for our plans to construct a building that would further the studies of three-dimensional art.  He enthusiastically offered to provide advice whenever he could be of assistance.
This memorial exhibition will feature a range of Nowlan’s finished sculptures and paintings; clay and plaster models; and tools.

Tom Waits