Sports sculptor's inner soul on display / by Heather Wiley Nowlan

Updated: Feb 11, 2017 1:32 AM EST   

By Scott Fleishman LEBANON, N.H.

At the AVA Gallery and Art Center an inner soul is on display.

Before settling down in the Upper Valley, sculptor Larry Nowlan grew up in Philadelphia. As a kid, he went to sleep listening to Harry Kalas call Phillies games on the radio. In 2011, Nowlan gave back to his hometown team, creating a bronze statue of Kalas that sits in Citizens Bank Park.

"To speak in the stadium and to talk to all those thousands of people about his love for not only the sport of baseball, but for sculpture and to share his gift with them. Time of his life," Larry's wife, Heather Nowlan said.

"I drive down at times just to go around the stadium to go into the pro shop and I always take that turn and look in and wave to Harry and my brother as well," Larry's brother, Peter Nowlan said.

Just a couple of years later, Nowlan won the bid to make a statue of another famous Philly sports star, Boxer Joe Frazier. Steve Giroux, creative director at Third Generation Media and design, made videos of Nowlan working in his Windsor shop. Nowlan used one of those videos in his sales pitch.

"He knew Frazier. He knew his moves. He knew the guy inside and out," Giroux said. "You could tell he studied him, not just anatomically, but he studied him as a person."

Larry Nowlan never got to create that bronze statue of Joe Frazier. He passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 30, 2013. He was 48 years old.

"Windsor's lost a great guy," Giroux said. "Larry was kind. Merciful, always had time for people."

"Losing his physical body, his transition from this physical world to the spirit world is tragic for me and his friends and his children," Heather Nowlan said.  "His physical being may not be here, but his spirit is here and felt and I'm so grateful for that and his love."

It took about a year to get the exhibit here in AVA and it will be open through Winter.

"We want people to remember him, because he was a remarkable guy," exhibit co-creator, Henry Duffy said.  "He's a guy that not only found his voice through art, he also cared about people and he cared about the subject of his portraits."

"I hope it's a chance for people to get to know his work a bit better, get to spend as much time as they want with it, come back a couple of times," Heather Nowlan said.

The inner soul of Larry Nowlan, a sports fan and talented artist whose true masterpieces are the friends and family that are keeping his essence alive.